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Where others raise their hands in defeat, we step in.

Many of our happily smiling clients were rejected by all other centers in Israel, unable to find successful solutions. Then they met DR Balan.

Dr Balan is a world leader in 1-day dental implants. His broad professional knowledge and practical experience of the past 20 years stands behind him when offering unique dental implant solutions even in the toughest situations of bone deficiency.

Our clinic

Israel’s leading private dental clinic for dental implants in one day, situated in the Krayot & Kfar Saba area. The center specializes in complex dental implant treatments and oral rehabilitation even in severe cases of deficient bone.


Dental professions

The clinic’s dental staff offer you a full professional package including structuring of dental implants uniquely adapted to your needs. We ensure quality esthetic and professional results.

Boutique clinic

Both the Krayot and Kfar Saba centers includes a refreshingly designed clinic innovatively planned soley for implant processes and accessorized with equipment from world leaders in the field.

You’re our focus

For us, the client is the focus. Everything we do is geared to getting you through the procedure as comfortably and pleasantly as we can make it.

We offer you

  • Advanced xray room with CT imaging
  • 2 professionally equipped clinics
  • High quality air filtering system
  • Deluxe lobby
  • Consultancy and orientation office
  • Personal service and follow-up throughout your day with us



The clinics are led by Dr Balan is designed with one goal in mind – offering dental implants in one single day at the highest Israeli and international standards

Our work ethic and approach is based on treatment that is fully adapted to you, and not you adapting to the treatment. That’s why each of our clients is given a comprehensive diagnosis including on-site CT used to structure your custom made program. Tailoring the treatment to your personal needs ensures top dental and esthetic results.

One-stop diagnosis, consultancy, and treatment.

When you come to us for implants, you enjoy a wide array of implant related services from diagnosis, including panoramic and CT images, detailed tailor-made treatment program, implant procedure, and dental maintenance needed for up to ten years after the implant procedure.

as our patient, you get a V.I.P treatmernt. We perform all that is needed in order for you to enjoy close attention, and a calm, pleasing atmosphere.

As our VIP for the day, you enjoy reflexology before the start of the implant procedure which is performed personally by Dr Balan.

Cutting edge apparatus

Ensuring highest dental standards means we use the most advanced dental apparatus and highest quality implants coupled with our specially trained staff for excellent outcomes.

Full guarantee

We currently have thousends of successful implant procedures to our credit and we stand behind each one of them by offering a ten year guarantee from the date of the implant procedure.
You will be invited to half-yearly checkups and offered tooth and gum health maintenance services at no extra cost.

About the method


The Dr Balan 1-day Implant Method integrates innovative operational techniques based on the ALL ON 4 method and using dental implants tailor made to your needs. The Dr Balan 1-Day Implant Method is a precise, esthetic and safe method of oral rehabilitation even in extreme cases of bone deficiency.

Taking the best and improving on it|
Dr Balan’s 1-day Implant Method refines leading international techniques based on the All On 4 method. Dr Balan’s method balances the load on the dental implants which helps shorten the lengthy recuperation period of older implant methods.

Dr Balan’s 1-day Implant Method offers solutions for almost every dental status, no matter how complex it is.

Quality materials for quality treatment
Insistence on the highest quality implants prevents complications and infection, giving you long years of pleasure from strong healthy teeth.

Bone Deficiency Smart Solution
Dr Balan’s advanced oral rehabilitation techniques offer full solutions for clients with rare cases of bone deficiency who were unsuccessful in finding implant solutions. Many of our clients were rejected by other dental clinics unable to solve this status.

Esthetics and cutting edge dental health, the perfect duo.
Put a smile on your face again in just one day. The Get Your Smile Back in a Day Center implant method integrates top dental professionalism with superior esthetics. You walk away with safe, healthy implanted teeth and a wonderful smile for dozens of years to come.


enjoy improved quality of life tomorrow

  • Significantly reduced levels of pain
  • Fully functional the day after treatment
  • Optimal adaptation to your natural jaw structure
  • Esthetic excellence
  • Long term durability
  • Quality solution for severe bone deficiency

Contact us now, and receive a consulting and diagnosis meeting including CT image – for free.

  • Welcome home

    Welcome home

    Our team offers personal service and follow-up throughout your day with us
  • Advanced technology

    Advanced technology

    We offer in house xray room with CT imaging with fully equipped high end surgery room
  • Dr Igal Balan D.M.D

    Dr Igal Balan D.M.D

    world leader in 1-day dental implantsםoffers professional knowledge and practical experience of the past 20 years.
  • Botique medical centers

    Botique medical centers

    Enjoy our private, quite and intimate clinics situated in the Krayot and Kfar saba
  • High End Facilities

    High End Facilities

    All of our equipment is desinged and used for the sole purpose of dental implants in one day procedure
  • Smile


    Creating perfect smile for over 20 years

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