One day dental implants

One day dental implants


One day dental implants: Until recently, dental implants meant a long and tedious process with many drawbacks. Now, with the orthopedics’ “Immediate Loading” technique, you can enjoy your new teeth in just about one day without any risks.

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, the only option to perform dental implementation was using a method that tool between 6 months to 2 years. The success rate was high (over 95%), but the treatment approach was to divide the process into several separate procedures, taking place during different times: Pulling out the weak teeth, putting in dental implants into the jawbone as needed, attaching the dental implants to the jawbone and placement of the bridge and crowns.

The division was done in this method in order to allow the body enough time to heal and recuperate from the trauma, and only after the area was completely healed from the process, the next step in the procedure would take place.

This method of dental implants was acceptable for many years, and is still practiced today, since the success rate remains very high. Having said that, it presents several disadvantages.

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Long Term dental Implant Process: Disadvantages

Living with dentures: Long term dental implementation process seems as if it is assisting patients with healing from the trauma, but in actuality causes severe damage to their quality of life. Having to manage without permanent teeth from the moment the dental extractions took place all the way up to the final implant stage, at times 2 years from the extractions. Life without teeth during such a long period resulting with eating very uncomfortably or being able to talk freely having to use temporary dentures.

Health risks: Because the transplant isn’t performed at the same time, the lacking of teeth increases the absorption of the jawbone into the inner mouth. This condition can result in extreme lack of bone that might damage facial appearance and makes it more difficult for dentists to anchor the dental implants into the patient’s jaw.

Infections: As a principle, any surgical procedure is invasive and may endanger the patient. Multiple surgical procedures in long term dental implants, and the length of time in between the different stages of treatment, leave the body more exposed and increase the risk or infections.

The revolution that changed the face of dental health: dental implants in a single day

Due to the above mentioned disadvantages, several potential patents decided to forgo the risks and the uncomfortableness and settled for dentures, until the arrival of One day dental implants.

The conceptual revolution in the field of dentistry that stands behind the One day dental implants came from the field of orthopedics. The prevailing view in orthopedics is that it is best to reduce the number of traumas the body undergoes and concentrate them. One treatment = one trauma.

The realization of this concept was made possible by a new technique that was developed and called “immediate loading”, which allows the jawbone to be loaded with a new dental fixture, based on a limited number of implants. This way, for example, a dental implant can be performed in one day in the upper jaw, based on eight, six and even four (!) dental implants only, a treatment known by its professional name: All on 4.

To read more on All on 4:

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One day dental implants: The advantages

High responsiveness to the treatment: The treatment’s conceptual change has paved the way for many potential patients who were afraid of undergoing a long term agonizing process. Today within just one day, one can enjoy brand new and permanent teeth.

Protecting the jawbone: As stated, when there are no teeth connected to the jawbone, the body interprets this as having no necessity for them, and begin to internally absorb the building foundations of the bones for other use within the body. Attachment of the dental implants to the jawbone immediately following the extraction creates a “renewed purpose” in the bone and thus significantly slows down and even stops the damaging process cause to the body in the absence of teeth.

Solutions to extreme conditions: As a reaction to the One day dental implants method, additional solutions have been developed allowing “treatment resistant” patients to undergo dental implants. Several patients that suffer from severe insufficient bone, patients suffering from osteoporosis and patients with heart conditions that are forbidden from entering long term treatments. All these can today, undergo dental implants without sacrificing their quality of life due to their health condition.

One day dental implants method by Dr. Balan:

Dr. Balan is one of the pioneers in Israel Dentistry to use the new technique of “immediate loading” in order to successfully implant teeth in a single day. Dr. Balan upgraded and improved the method over the years and has accumulated the experience of thousands of dental implants for the past 25 years.

Dentists from the United States, China, Europe and South American visit Dr. Balan’s clinic on a regular basis in order to take professional training in the advance technology of One day dental implants and the new method’s handling of adjustments to extreme cases.

Today Dr. Balan is considered a world leader in dental implants for extreme cases of insufficient bone and additional complex conditions, and succeeded in returning the smiles to hundreds of happy patients.

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