Same day dental implants method

Same day dental implants method

Dr. Balan’s same day dental implants method

For the past 2 decades Dr. Balan is a pioneer in the Dental Implants field in Israel and around the world and thanks to the method he’s developed over the years he is able to provide comprehensive treatment and perform oral rehabilitation in extreme cases of bone deficiency.

Dr. Balan’s same day dental implants method are based on several implant methods, such as All on 4, Zygoma implants, plate implants etc.

The unique combination of numerous innovative techniques, together with advanced 3D simulation that with each implant, allow him to achieve results that are perfectly aesthetic, exceptionally durable, regardless of the patient’s medical condition.

Taking the very best and improving upon it

Dr. Balan’s Dental Implant methods are based on improvement and optimizing the leading methods in the world of the All on 4 method,

installing plate implants and the used of Zygoma implants and their integration to create one holistic method for dental implants.

During the course of implanting, Dr. Balan creates a load distribution balance between the implanted teeth in the mouth while perfectly matching the implants to the patient’s jawbone structure and this way avoiding lengthy recuperation period that normally  characterizes older dental implant methods.

Dr. Balan’s method is characterized by its flexibility that allows finding a comprehensive solution for same day dental implants for each patient according to his unique condition and in extremely challenging medical cases, such as complete jawbone deficiency.

Peak in technology in Dental Implant service

Utilizing advanced technologies is an inseparable part of the Same-Day-Smile Returning Clinic’s work concept. Building all of the treatment plans are based on digital technology and 3D simulations that are done at the clinic itself. Each dental implant is done through CAD/ CAM technology, that allows high levels of accuracy for each and every implant, and as such to achieve perfect aesthetic results.

Quality of materials ensures the quality of treatment

At the Same Day Smile returning clinic, the highest quality dental implants are used combined with strong and accurate Zirconia crowns that are custom made for every patient, by the implant department at the clinic. Using high quality implants prevents complications or infections and ensures the patients that have had dental implant treatment process have long years of strong and healthy teeth through methods from All on 4 till the Zygoma dental method.

Solutions for cases of extreme bone deficiency

Dr. Balan’s advanced technology for oral rehabilitation provides a complete solution for patients who suffer from rare cases of bone deficiency and cannot succeed with any other dental implant method (including All on 4). Many of the clinic’s patients arrived after no other dentist in Israel agreed or succeeded to perform dental implants for them.

Combination of perfect aesthetics with advanced dentistry

Same Day Dental Implants in order to return smiles to patients, are performed combining first rate medical professionalism with Zirconia implants with exceptional aesthetic finish. The result is implanting teeth that are safe and healthy that look fantastic even dozens of years ahead.

Warranty for the work and the material’s quality

We provide five years of warranty for implants and crowns, five years warranty for Zirconia crowns in additional to complementary treatments, including Dr. checkups and a dental hygienist visit twice a  year for the full 5 years,cost free.

Dr. Balan’s method – Same day dental implants allow you to return to enjoying high quality of life already on the following day after treatment:

  • Significant reduction of the pain
  • Returning to functioning fully the day after treatment
  • Excellent aesthetic results and optimal fitting to the jaw’s structure
  • Full medical responsibility
  • Advanced technology for 3D simulation, planning and executing implants
  • High durability for many years
  • Quality solution even for extreme cases of bone deficiency
  • Zirconia Crowns manufactured and custom made

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