Jerusalem Clinic

ד"ר יגאל בלן

Welcome to Israel’s leading private dental clinic for same-day dental implants

The clinic specializes in advanced same-day dental implant treatments, complicated dental cases and oral rehabilitation processes, also in extreme cases of jawbone deficiency or rehabilitation of failed past treatments.

The clinic’s medical staff provides a full professional experience beginning from the professional and comprehensive consultation and diagnosis of your jaw and teeth, through building a designated treatment plan and its execution, of same-day dental implants of the highest standard in Israel. The quality and medical professionalism are expressed more than anything, in the treatment’s results characterized by the exceptional levels of health and aesthetics.

Clinic address: Derech Hebron 101 st. Jerusalem
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    The clinic provides

    שירותי מרפאת ד

    CT scan room with 3D simulation

    חדר טיפול

    4 new and equipped treatment rooms

    טיפול רפלקסולוגי

    Full reflexology treatment before treatment

    לובי ד

    Luxurious and relaxing waiting room

    משרד לפגישות ייעוץ ד

    Consultation office

    יחס אישי מרפאת ד

    Personal service and support during the entire treatment day.

    International center for training senior dentists

    Dr. Balan’s dental Implant center provides year round training, studies and workshops for senior dentists from all of the world that come to the center in order to learn from Dr. Balan to use advanced techniques for oral rehabilitation, emphasizing oral rehabilitation for complicated cases of bone deficiency of the lower and upper jaws and in cases where patients have experienced several failed attempts of dental implants.

    Dr Balan
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